The Wreck was an installation at Tulane's Carroll Gallery in New Orleans, January 2011 and then at the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center, March 2012. From the exhibition statement: "I am a recent transplant to New Orleans, and my introduction to the city was a wreck outside the windows of my soon to be home on Saint Claude Ave as I was first touring the live/work space. The sound of screeching tires and a loud crash drew me out the doors to the nearby Family Dollar only to find an unharmed obviously intoxicated man investigating his totaled truck and the light pole he wrapped it around. After signing a lease in August 2010 and settling down from a life on the road with traveling artist collective Transit Antenna, the wreck soon became a metaphor for the move, with my family’s crash into the Bywater driven only by our intoxicating love for the city. With the imprecision of a memory as the only reference, this installation attempts to cut, fold, and glue the scene with cardboard packing materials from our move and refuse from local dollar stores."


Because of the improprieties and mismanagement of the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center, twenty artists including myself organized a removal of our work from the organization in March 2012. In response to this action I edited my Wreck installation and posed it as a stolen vehicle with tires removed on cinderblocks in a location where this often happens, and then left it to the public domain for a two week period. The resulting efforts that others imposed on the wreck were then put on view in an exhibition at the New Orleans Healing Center in March 2012.