The Fix

As the summer heat blanketed my New Orleans studio, I felt compelled to access my memory of being an Alaskan butcher by recreating one of the frigid meat lockers I frequented in the summer of 2009. I set out to create the scene completely out of fabric, utilizing my sewing machine to stitch the heavy canvas and vinyl. After finishing the hind quarter of a moose, the machine started to smoke and a panic ensued. Scouring Craigslist, I discover an affordable used Industrial machine that could surely handle the workload. I arranged to take a look at it with the owners- a Canadian man and his Voodoo Priestess wife. When I sat down to test it, something wasn't quite right, but with my eagerness to finish the original project and an arrogant thought that I could fix anything, I gave the Canadian his 350 bucks anyways. A week of tests and fine adjustments resulted in a ramping up of frustration and a deep desire to throw the machine out the window. The Fix was born.