Stoughton vs. The Cult of the Silo

In 2010, as part of a new collaborative art project called the Planning Committee, Seth Gadsden and I developed the basic structure for this mural at Redux Contemporary Art Center and then asked people involved in the organization to submit a brief description of their ideal living situation. From those ideas, we built a city, suburbs, farmland, and desert hippie outpost along with the utility infrastructure (including food, water, sewage, electricity, and pornography) to support them. Throughout the course of the week of painting the mural, we developed a narrative of a city in the midst of a cold war. The Fundamentalist Hippies (deemed "The Cult") that live in a former missile silo on the edge of town have waged a media campaign against the sins of pornography in the city, encouraging people to join the silo and forsake their pornography. Only few know that the Cult is actually the main supplier of that utility, and that buried deep in the silo is a weapons cache intended for a hostile takeover of the city.