2007-2010: Transit Antenna Years

TRANSIT ANTENNA is a mobile living experiment, creative workshop and artist collective comprised of various folks living and working while traveling the roads of North America. I was part of the original group which lived on a retired city transit bus converted into a veggie oil guzzling RV named Walter. This bus was as much about design as it was functional, and as you will see below we used many creative ways to solve living/work spaces, exercise, and power. After the burial of Walter, I assisted in getting a new crew on the road in a cross country MCI bus to continue the adventure where we left off.

Though artists, writers, filmmakers, chefs, and musicians, these roles seldom defined a collective goal. Our crew made it through Mexico, Canada, and most of the US states including Alaska, visiting communities and collaborating on art projects. Because Walter was our home, we were free to move spontaneously, staying put for a week or shooting across the continent on a whim. The Transit Antenna project defines itself as the unfolding road carries it to new places, people, and experiences. These experiences are the pearls handed to the group along the way.




This collaborative project was comprised of a year of paintings, drawings, photos, and collage inspired from a year on the road. The first image below is a selection of everyone's efforts and the rest are some of my painting contributions to the project.


In year two, with all of the turmoil of year one as a collective of seven- living, working, and traveling together on a bus, the members of Transit Antenna took on a project to rewrite history with this suite of hand-pulled silkscreen prints. Each print takes on a problem encountered on the road and inverts the outcome.

Final Resting Place of Walter at Slab City Photo by Tim Klein